Meditation Online Program
Meditation Online Program

Meditation Online Program

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This 5 week gentle online journey aims to help you focus your mind and body, bring awareness and create stillness.

This program is designed for those who are new to relaxation or meditation techniques.  It is suited to those looking for another type of practice.

The only requirements are that you give yourself time each week.  Create a peaceful place where you will be safe, comfortable and warm, where you will not be disturbed in any way.  Switch off all devices.

Each week you will give yourself the gift to time to:

1. Begin - a starting place that is just perfect for you

2. Compassion - receive compassion and heart for yourself and your community

3. Balance - maintain balance throughout your day

4. Breath - you already do this! here you cleanse, release and refine

5. Restore - complete your journey, offer gratitude and restore