Igniting the Fire of the Heart

Igniting the Fire of the Heart

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Journeys With Star series:

Igniting the Fire of the Heart April 28th 2021

The intent of these journeys is to travel a path that will ignite the fire within the sacred chamber of your heart so that you, as the adult self, can stand in your authority with heart for yourself and the other. As before, we will be visiting places of power in Eiriu (Ireland) and asking for their potency and blessing to show a way to restore you to heart and bring wisdom and understanding to inform your life.

This is true inner courage for it requires an inner safety and cohesion to chose for oneself and allow others to do the same for themselves. Our minds seek to control and if others do as we say and agree with us then we (our minds) feel safe; it involves a lot of self love and forgiveness to let others go and resist trying to fix them or control them so that we feel safe. Believing we do not have the energy to hold inner authority and so trying to take power from others has been the source of all the conflict in the world. Finding a peace and coming home to our own heart in these ceremonies is then also the way to offer hope and heart to life all around you.

You are invited onto this exciting journey to connect with the magic of Eiriu (Ireland) as she restores you to the remembrance of who in the sovereignty of your own heart.

Mail journeyswithstar@gmail.com to register your interest.

Future journeys are planned for September and November.