Cities of the Sidhe

Cities of the Sidhe

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Journey with Trish Cameron, Star, to each of Cities of the Sídhé, in a Dreaming cycle with Eiriu, on a discovery of Celtic Indigenous journeying.  It is a journey into soul to remember , to re imagine the dream of our soul, our intention for being here.  We will journey with the ancestor wisdom keepers as guides and support along our pathways.

The Sidhe are the Wisdom Keepers, the ‘faery’ of Eiriu (Ireland) and their cities are the Temples of light that they brought with them when they came to this land.  The Sidhe are masters of the elements and their five cities hold the essence and wisdom of the five elements of air, fire, water, earth and ether.

In these ceremonies together, we will travel with open heart and curiosity to learn more deeply about our inner landscape and how we can connect with what is essential and eternal within us.  In the three dimensional world, the elements manifest physically but in the cities the essence and virtue of the elements are held. The manifest expression of the virtues are the treasures that come from each city: the sword from Findias, the city of wind ; the spear from Gorias,  the city of fire; the cauldron from Murias, city of water; the stone from Falias, city of earth and the music of the harp from the centre city of Temarius  that weaves them altogether , continually recreating life anew.
We will journey to each of the cities in turn questing the sacred dream of our soul; our purpose for this  incarnation.  

We will present ourselves to each of the cities and listen to the colours of the wind,  the ecstatic  dance of fire, the flow and music  of the inner waters; the abundance and holding of the earth.  The quest will be to receive the symbols from each of the cities  that  expresses our soul;  to  understand ourselves as an artistic offering to life, As with every great piece of art, to keep opening us to deeper levels of connection with ourselves.

We will be meeting online Wednesdays 7.30pm - 9pm (Eiriu) on 27th October, 24th November, 5th January, 2nd February & 9th March
The exchange is €100 (€90 Early Bird by 15th October)
Mail for further details.