Basic Kneads - Learn to give a GREAT back massage

Basic Kneads - Learn to give a GREAT back massage

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5 hours - 250,00 € EUR

Have you ever wanted to give someone a back rub, but just didn't know WHAT you were doing?  Did your thumbs get tired right away? Were they squirming under your pressure? That's totally normal.  A lot of people think massage must be easy, after all, how difficult can it be to touch someone? Well the truth is, there's a way to do it, and a good few ways how NOT to do it.

With my "Basic Kneads - Learn to give a GREAT back massage" class, you and a partner or friend will learn the basic foundations of a great massage giving you the confidence and the know-how to rub any back you find!

Who am I? I am a professionally trained massage therapist who has been practicing over half a decade. I studied at Canada's No.1 school of massage therapy: Sutherland-Chan. So I know a thing or two about massage.

Still not sure? Want to have a chat? Great! You can text me at +353830648353 

Massage can be such a great way to bond with a partner, help out a friend, or care for a loved one. It's a life long skill you'll never forget, and I promise you, you won't regret it!