Collection: Kay Gilliland Psychotherapist

Kay Gilliland F.T.A.I. Psychotherapist & Supervising Practitioner, is a registered and Insured Practitioner with 40 years private, group and HSE practice.

I have a great love for life and humanity and have always lived from a systemic prospective endeavouring to live congruently from heart with a win/win perspective. I have worked systemically for the past 40+ years, as a systemic therapist. l have trained trainers to run assertiveness and sexuality courses, given bereavement, family therapy and parenting courses, and l have done extensive training and ceremonies in the Celtic and Native American traditions. I have also trained in the Note from Heaven, Art Synthesis, Deep Tissue and Wisdom and Compassion with the Dying to name a few of the wonderful opportunities l have been blessed to participate in. I supervise therapists, give therapeutic consultations, train and give healings in Creation Template Healing, and l am a legal solmeniser with the Temple of Eiru. I also have had the privilege to rear three children and am now blessed with 5 grandaughters.  I can work in person, on zoom, what's app, on the phone and can facilitate distant healings. If there is something that you would like some help with feel free to contact me on 0868220980.